Why Veterans are Important!

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

So, as I continue to work with veterans and write these articles, the topic of why veterans are essential to our nation’s history and future continues to surface in conversations. There are multiple answers, opinions, and perspectives on that topic. Many people believe that veterans are essential to our nation’s history because, without them, there be no free nation to live in as it would be nothing but chaos and disorder. Veterans have always kept our country in check. No matter what the branch of service, veterans have been deployed anywhere in the world to defend our great nation, and we have lost millions of veterans who deserve a lot more credit than our society gives them credit. Giving credit to veterans has changed dramatically over the years, as you may very well know. Veterans returning from the Vietnam war were not treated well, so little, to no credit for their sacrifice, for our freedom, we gave them almost no credit until it is too late for them to receive it. Another factor is that many Veterans suffer from combat injuries like PTSD, depression that leads to suicide, while other veterans never return MIA (Missing In Action) or return the same due to having been KIA (Killed In Action) or they were captured and become a POW (Prisoner Of War).

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