Share Your Veteran Experiences With Civilians!

I keep running into more and more veterans who continually ask me one big question. “What is the one thing you miss the most about the military?” Well, I have to say the most significant thing is the military camaraderie that doesn’t exist in the civilian sector. The military creates a tight-knit of people that develop bonds, and camaraderie rarely felt anywhere else. Granted, veterans have to wade through some BS to get to it sometimes, but often that camaraderie is what got us through it. There is no mistake that military camaraderie is something unique and special, and it probably ranks as the primary thing veterans miss when they transition out of the military. Certain groups exist that may come close, but the true friendships formed from experiences in military training and combat cannot be compared. I have conflicting emotions and memories as to whether I genuinely miss the military. I guess I miss portions of the military life and camaraderie, however that chapter is behind me, and it is time to create a new chapter. So how can we take this military camaraderie and share it with our civilian counterparts? Here are some ideas and advice on how to keep military camaraderie alive after you’ve transitioned to civilian life.

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