Holidays and Veterans

Hello again. I hope all is well and that the holidays are finding you and your family good cheer and spirit this season. During this time of year, it is always a wonderful time of the year for most people, but many see it as a stressful and conflicting time due to past events in their lives. Many veterans have deployed many times during the holidays, and currently, many soldiers are deployed during this holiday season. I personally experience an array of emotions during this time of year as I was injured in combat during the holiday period. So, I try to think of the holidays in whimsical feelings of warmth, comfort, and good cheer to help compensate for the negative experiences I have had in the past. How do I do this, you ask? It is not easy, but there are many ways in doing so. Being with family is a great way to help distract these negative feelings. The holidays offer a unique opportunity for families to connect and spend quality time together having fun, both locally and away from home. Another way is to decorate the house for Christmas both inside and outside to spread the good cheer to other neighbors. This can become infectiously in the neighborhood and fun for everyone if you do it in a creative and constructive manner. Another great way is to volunteer or donate to a veteran’s organizations. During this time of year, they have Christmas Tree Wish Lists, Christmas Dinners, Shelters, and other events that need help to provide for veterans and their families which are having either tough times or may be experiencing stress from deployments overseas.

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