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Hello fellow veterans! I hope everyone is doing well during these challenging times we are in with the COVID-19 quarantine. It seems like we have been experiencing issues for a while now with no light at the end of the tunnel. I guess you can say we are establishing a new normal for our way of life. Who knows!? Anyway, I want to talk about help veterans today! We always discuss this at our meetings, and our primary mission as an organization is to help veterans within our community. I think we do an outstanding job at this! However, what do we do as individuals? If you would like to show some gratitude for the sacrifices made and support veterans, there are many ways to make it happen. Sometimes even a small gesture can have a significant impact. Our veterans have many needs and challenges because of their military service, and they can use support and assistance in various ways that may not always be obvious. It is just a thought, and it does not take much to devote a little time to help a fellow veteran out. Here are some ideas. (NOTE: I realize some of these ideas do not comply with current COVID-19 quarantine restrictions. So please use with caution and be safe). Some of these ideas may have to wait till after all of this COVID-19 stuff calms down.

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