Do You Miss It? The Military Life, That is!

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Many people have different perspectives about the military after they get out. I do not know a single person who misses the negative experiences like the sucky details or bad times during deployment when it never seemed to stop. Many people seem to reminisce on the past of the good times and things we miss about service rather than moving on to the now in life. They continue to tell tales that fill every VFW hall every day. Veterans tell stories of how it was much harder in the old corps and that the new corps is nothing but fluff and snowflakes. There are tales of heroism and valor and millions of incredible deeds someone else did. These stories are great time killers, but they present a catch. As veterans, we continually revisit the past, and we all talked about stories of “back when I was in.” It’s time to cut that crap out and move on in your life. Your after-service slump is not doing anyone any favors with the fact that you are not getting any younger or that the military is NOT going to let you back in to save the world. If you can admit the real reasons why you miss the military, you can find ways to move on and improve your life or the lives of others.

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